Natural Stones

& Crystal Formations

Our healing gemstones and crystals serve as a tool to help connect to our highest frequency of being.

Each stone has been hand selected with intention by

The Wave Gods ॐ

Healing Stone

Medicine Bags ༀ

A Medicine Bag is a special, sacred container for various objects, or amulets, of supernatural power used, or provided by, a Medicine Man or Shaman, to carry 'medicine', or symbols, of animal spirits good luck, protection and strength in battle.


The Wave Gods medicine bags contain healing stones and crystals selected with different positive intentions for the collector to enjoy.



Our shungite comes from Moscow, Russia and has been known to:

  • Kill bacteria and viruses

  • Purify water

  • Reduce oxidative stress

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Ease physical ailments

  • Shields electromagnetic field (EMF) 

  • Relieves stress + Anxiety

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