The Wave GodsTM  is a mission driven lifestyle brand founded upon four cornerstones:


Peace, Love, Unity & Respect ॐ


It can take a lifetime to awaken to the limitless possibilities and benefits that await us on the other side of what is conventionally taught to us during the majority of our time on this planet.

Michael and Alexis Medall decided to launch the brand with the massive intention of reaching millions of beings who are seeking a new level of consciousness and frequency of being on this planet, while also inspiring those same beings to step fully into their souls divine purpose. 

Michael was raised in a home filled with love and raised levels of awareness. His mother, Karin, has been sharing her gifts as a healer and visual artist bridging the gap between the spirit realm and the physical world.


His father, Steve, has bee practicing Psychology as a University Professor for the past 30 years. He inspires Michael deeply to combine science with the spiritual. The combination of the two was the perfect balance to assist in inspiring Michael to lean deeply into his calling as a spirit guide and creator of both music and jewelry.

NaAlexis began to grow into her endless passion for helping the world awaken to their greatest selves through her healing stone creations after being gifted a book about crystals, yoga, aromatherapy, and other wholistic practices.

She and her light shine so limitlessly as the lead creative behind our most elegant pieces of healing stone jewelry. Alexis's passion for healing has inspired thousands of people worldwide

and that number is exponentially 

growing with each passing day ॐ

Michael and Alexis created The Wave Gods to teach, inspire, grow and enhance the lives of others with handmade unique

and rare stone creations.


They have both experienced amazing transformations as individuals and as a couple with the aid of stones/crystals and enjoy the quality and unique pieces of jewelry.


Their greatest selves have been enhanced tremendously via: gemstones, essential oils, and many other alternative healing practices.


"Our intention is to inspire others and share positive vibes with the world. Thank you for following our journey to heal others! Now it’s time for you to dive into your greatest version!"