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Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the quality of all our chains and jewelry and offer a limited lifetime warranty with all products. We guarantee that upon delivery all jewelry pieces are free from any manufacturing defects.


What is covered?

All manufacturing defects or damages that may have occurred during the delivery process. This includes select damages that are not from normal wear and tear.


What is not covered?

Damages from abuse, carelessness, alterations, water damage, etc. Any Damages that are not covered by our warranty upon inspection will be subject to a 50% (of original purchase price) replacement fee. 

You must be able to provide the original items in any condition to be eligible for a warranty replacement. 


How can I make a warranty claim?

Please use our contact form to contact customer service to start your warranty claim. Please give as much information as possible to identify your purchase including but not limited to, order number, transaction id, and/or email used on original purchase.

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