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HOW TO: Use YourCrystals For A New Moon Practice

✨If using the phases of the moon and crystals

to manifest your happiest and most abundant you is intriguing; then keep reading.✨

Set aside 20-60 minutes to put focus on YOU.

This information doesn't need to be shared with us, nor anyone for that matter.

Be real with yourself, even if it is uncomfortable.

We are proud of you for showing up for yourself.

Now lets begin!


First off, Grab the following items:

🌚 Piece of paper 🌚 Pen or Pencil 🌚 Candle

🌚 Sage or Palo Santo 🌚 Your 'Go To' Crystal


WHAT IS A NEW MOON: Well, to go all scientific on y'all, the SUN and MOON are in direct alignment of each other. It's the most fertile day of the lunar cycle while enhancing it's intention- setting energy.

This leaves new moons feeling like a particularly ideal time for

self-reflection, course correction and goal-setting.

WHAT TO FOCUS ON: Now is the time to plant a seed of

what you want to grow in your life.



Burn Your Sage or Palo Santo

(Be sure the thread doesn't get burned on sage.

You can cut it off or unravel it.)


Talk to the universe, your angels, God... While cleansing the space.

EX: "Dear Spirit, please be present and cleanse any un-wanted energy and bring me into the happiest and healthiest version of myself. I am open to your guidance and protection.

Thank you."


Light A Candle. Take Some Deep Breathes.

(Adding a soft "Brain Wave" Audio is my relaxing go to.)


Ask yourself these questions:

and whichever resonates with you, write it down.

Lets start off this reflection with something positive...


1✨ What are 3+ things you are grateful for?

Don't over complicate this. Take a look at the small things in your life.

EX: I am grateful for: the health of me, my family, and pets (No this doesn't count as all 3 gratitudes :P), reliable vehicle, and clean water :)


2✨ What are 3 things you're effortlessly

Good at & also ENJOY doing?

Ex: Photography, Reading, Biking, Cooking...We healthfully encourage you to lean more into doing these things that bing you joy and inner peace; as it will lead to a more fulfilling journey.


3✨ What do you want to improve?

Write this in a List format

Ex: Mental Health

Physical Health


True Love



Don't set yourself up to fail!

We are here right now to improve ourselves!

Any and all growth is important!

Setting realistic goals (and then over achieving them) enhances confidence automatically!


4✨ What do you need to LET GO of in order to achieve Growth in those areas above?

This is a deep question, take all the time you need to, dig deep, and answer truthfully.

EX: Mental Health Obstacle: I am unworthy of happiness because in the past, I have acted

as a less than / "Bad" version of me.

True Love Obstacle: I always attract the wrong relationships. No One wants me...

So, those thoughts are what we will want to work on and dig deeper on how to let that go during the full moon.

But for now, we are working on what we DO want.

So, lets keep going...


5✨ Write a list of "I AM" Affirmations and

things that you want to attract.

Write things that you currently feel also write things you want for your future self as if they already have happened. Lets strive for 15+ positive affirmation.

EX: I AM healthy, I AM happy... I have a reliable car.

I have supportive friends around me. I am filled with confidence. I cannot make the wrong choice. I am connected to the universe and I listen to its messages.


6✨ What are 1-3 things you desire to attract more of in the next 30-90 days?

Write in list form. Lets keep our focus precise.


Mental Clarity-

Healthier Me-


More/Easy Money-


7✨ Dig a little deeper, adding

EXACTLY how will achieve this goal?

Aka break it down...

EX: Mental Clarity- Take 1 minute in the Morning & Night to breathe and gently stretch

Healthier Me- Replace my daily ice cream intake to a protein + fruit smoothie

Confidence- Start my morning off with guided confidence audio

More/ Easy Money- Lets be honest. Money doesn't grow on trees, but maybe you can manifest the money to come easier. We all have stuff laying around the house, so download the app "Let Go", "Offer Up", or post on Facebook Marketplace and sell and declutter your life. Think and believe that this WILL sell, and easily. Make it a goal to post a few items per week and set a date to then donate the rest of the items.


8✨ Finally, sign your name with a note saying

"I Love you _Your name_)" and fold it up.


9✨ Place your intentions underneath the crystal(s) you grabbed earlier that you spent your time with.


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