Warrior Of The Way Necklace

Handcrafted With Love By The Wave Gods


Healing Properties:


Genuine Native American Arrowhead (Tuscon, Arizona)

Enhances Insight // Relieves Stress // Stabilizes Emotions


This pendant represents our inner spiritual warrior. We believe there is a strength and understanding within us all that works harmoniously with the ebb and flow of the universe.


There is a warrior within us all that must surrender to the waves that come and go in the life journey.


When creating this piece we utilized a copper wire to very simply and meaninfully hold the arrowhead in place for the necklace.


Tiger Eye (Brown+Gold)

Courage // Protection // Manifestation


Jasper (Red + Brown/Tan)

Supreme Nurturer // Grounding // Comforting


Lava Stone (Black Porous)

Essential Oil Diffuser // Enhances Creativity


Rosewood (Darker Browns)

Calming // Warm Energy




Warrior Of The Way Necklace

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