The Wave Gods are proud to present: one-of-a-kind electroplated .925 sterling silver and 24 karat gold plated raw gemstone rings. ONE SIZE- THESE ARE ADJUSTABLE! 


Hand crafted with love utilizing your choice of raw gemstones:


Amethyst (Purple/Transparent)

Healing of Mind, Body + Soul // Transformation // Encourages Sobriety // Spiritual Awareness // Soothe Emotions // Relieves Stress // Communication


Amethyst is the powerful “Queen Bee” of stones aiding in mental or physical diseases. This stone can help with stimulating your passions, and support with sobriety and insomnia problems.


Citrine (Orange/Golden/Transparent)

Happiness // Joy // Light // Wealth


Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. Everything about this stone emanates positivity and joy. Even its name, which is derived from the French word for lemon, carries a sense of sun and joy attached to it. Found naturally in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland and USA, this gemstone has been an ornamental gem for civilizations as early as 300 B.C., and a favorite with jewelry makers since the ancient Greeks and Romans. Even in first century A.D., citrine was being fashioned into cabochon rings and used in intaglio work. Later in the 17th century, Queen Victoria would become fascinated by the beauty of the stone, and as a result it would be used by Scottish men in kilt pins, shoulder broaches, and to adorn their swords and the handles of their daggers. The stone’s popularity resurged again during the Art Deco era, as early Hollywood stars boasted citrine jewelry like elaborate brooches, grand necklaces and other pieces where large faceted citrine was the center piece.


Clear Quartz (Clear/Transparent)

Harmony // Healing // Clarity // Calmness // Deep Cleansing


Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as use of other stones.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, balancing the body and keep the energy clear.



Raw Gemstone Rings

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  • The base metal we use for these rings is brass. For that reason we suggest taking off the ring when bathing to insure the stability of the .925 sterling silver or 24 karat gold plating. 

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