Raw Apatite Cluster



Your appetite for life, creative endeavors and passionate pursuits will feel nearly insatiable when introduced to the inspirational energy of a Blue Apatite stone.


Stop waiting for the future you've always wanted, and manifest your dreams into realities with this forward-focusing stone. The power of the Apatite meaning lies in its ability to inspire action. Not only does this stone help you to plan out productive steps to take toward your goals, it gives you a boost of motivation so that you will actually follow through with them.


Much of the time, when our progress in life has remained stationary for a long period, it's either because we don't know what we want, or we know what we want, but we're hesitant to go after it. This creates a deep seated frustration with where our life is at, and that dissatisfaction leads to even bigger mental blocks.


Blue Apatite stones retrieve you from this negative spiral, and fill you optimism and inspiration. Blue apatite helps you to see the real reason that you has been holding you back from the life you want. Whether its fear, self-doubt, grief or past pain, Blue Apatite will rid you of your nervous trepidation, and propel you past it.


Blue apatite properties are helpful for reinvigorating existing goals, and fueling passion and motivation in new areas. The newfound zest for life that the blue apatite energy fills you with will push you to explore new interests and opportunities.


Coupled with this stone's action-focused energy, you'll likely find yourself on a path you've only ever dreamt of. To start working with a blue apatite stone, first start by gaining clarity on your true desires. Then, apply the determination that the apatite healing properties lends toward setting a plan and putting that plan into action.


Feeling drawn to the energy of blue apatite may mean that you have situations you've been wanting to better or change, but have been putting them off. Have you been holding off on traveling or finding a career you're passionate about? If there's something that you've been itching to do, blue apatite will give you the energetic push you need to satisfy your spiritual hunger to get more out of life!

Raw Apatite

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